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All acquired information and data is verified through multiple source review.

Ms. Maini began her career in service by entering the United States Air Force in her teens, enabling Lina to both serve her country and further her education in fields that would establish her base of knowledge for her later investigation and information services for the legal, law enforcement and corporate communities.

In 2005, Ms. Maini founded Beacon Network Investigations (BNI), and within several years established additional locations in Florida and Tennessee. She personally trains every operative to the highest level of expertise; all operatives possess a law enforcement and or military background. BNI works in conjunction with its parent company, TCK Investigations, Inc. to bring you the latest in investigation and information services. 

Informational Services

Please note that BNI provides services only to the legal field: not to the general public. 

Investigative Services

Leadership-  Lina M. Maini

We offer our clients expert investigation services.

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Beacon Network Investigations

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